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Rondo 1, Warsaw

Rondo 1 photo: Arek Blomka

The Rondo 1 complex, commissioned in March 2006, is located in the heart of Warsaw’s city centre. The central location of the investment together with the bus and tram lines in the closest vicinity of the building provides excellent communication between Rondo ONZ and the entire city as well as the airport. The Rondo 1 complex consists of two buildings:

– a forty storey glass tower, building B, located parallel to al. Jana Pawła II, with a recessed façade on the side of Rondo ONZ

– and a lower, ten storey building A with an opaque, Venetian blind-like glass façade, situated near ul. Świętokrzyska The Rondo 1 complex design was developed on the basis of cooperation between a Polish architecture studio, AZO, and world-famous architects from Skidmore, Owings & Merill, an American company specialising in the design of tall buildings and responsible for such projects as the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Building in Chicago.

The investment was the first in Warsaw to offer a most up-to-date AAA class high-rise building with office space meeting the highest world standards and completely open to arrangement, fulfilling the requirements of even the most demanding tenants.

The total area of the Rondo 1 Complex is 103,000 sq. m. and consists of two parts: a 40 storey, office tower, 194 m high, with 55,000 sq. m. usable area and a 10 storey adjacent building with an area of 10,000 sq. m.

The lower building is multi-functional, housing a six-storey parking and commercial and service areas. Building A is connected with the main part on the ground floor via the so-called open-access winter garden; in the future the passage is to provide easy access to the planned subway station. Inside this building warm-coloured materials – beige and red travertine facings – have been used. In the 40 storey office tower, the lowest two levels have been used for gastronomic areas and other tenant-oriented services. In the main hall and the lobby, the prevailing materials are smooth and shiny – the steel construction elements, grey and dark red granite floors, spot lighting. Above the lobby, an orange-and-brown storey, in generally cold tones, was suspended on brackets like a shelf. Next to it, a glass bridge was suspended on steel bars and there is a round reception area in the middle.

The high-efficiency office area was designed on the basis of a 1.5-meter module system. A typical storey size varies between 1,400 and 1,500 sq. m. of usable area designed around two central shafts. The usable internal height of a storey is 2.85 m with 150 mm double flooring. The standard area was designed in the “open space” system, but can be adjusted to any arrangement option, depending on the requirements of the customer. The depth of the office area is 5 m, which ensures optimal access of daylight to all work stations. The building offers a number of latest technical solutions and facilities unprecedented in other office buildings, including, but far from being limited to:
– the transparent glass façade which gives the effect of a building vibrant with life and assuring excellent lighting of all work stations,
– architectural lighting of the mass of the building,
– eighteen fast panoramic passenger elevators, situated outside the office part of the building, in glazed shafts – waiting time during rush hours does not exceed 30 seconds, placing the communication shafts outside made it possible to flexibly divide the usable space and shape it according to the needs of the particular tenants, which resulted in the development of a multi-level model resembling an efficient, remotely controlled mechanism with precisely set and well separated functions,
– the glass bridges connecting the elevator lobby with the office rooms provide spectacular views of a panorama of Warsaw on each level,
– clear, four storey atria between the elevator shafts and the office part,
– full air-conditioning (a fan-coil and air humidifier system),
– computer controlled lighting of the entire building carried out by the DALI system interconnected with the internal aluminium blinds system for optimal use of natural light,
– the system allows computer control over all bulbs in the building and the remote adjustment of the brightness level, it enables the adjustment of the lighting pattern to the individual needs of the users without the need to connect additional wires as well as the regulation independent of the central lighting system and fast failure control; a flexible interior arrangement (four independent sanitary unit locations),
– the world’s highest-level safety systems, consulted with Kroll Inc. – the building and the safety systems, including fire safety systems, have been constructed with the observation of American standards including NFPA standards,
The complex offers ca. 500 parking places located in the underground and ground parking lots. Some of the places are intended for tenants and while the remainder is designed for guests. The area of the parking lots is monitored 24 hours a day by security personnel and video cameras.

The building is guarded 24 hours a day, fitted with an adequate air exchange and smoke venting systems, sprinkler and hydrant devices and escape routes assuring the compliance with the requirements set by Polish regulations regarding the protection of people and property. It will also be permanently linked to the fire brigade.

The safety of the entire office area is ensured by a fire detection and sprinkler system. Selected rooms (e.g. server rooms) are additionally protected from fires by a gas extinguisher system. The building has two independent power supply sources. The telephone installation is fitted with a full fibre optic installation as well as copper wiring distributed on the lease area.

The main assumption during the design of the Rondo 1 complex was the creation of a high-efficiency office area in pleasant surroundings with the necessary service and commercial functions. The complex offers a number of facilities to its users, surpassing rival objects in that respect. A supermarket, pharmacy, financial services, restaurant, canteen, cafeteria, spa, hairdressing salon, fitness club, florist are just a few of them. The Intranet service, unprecedented in office buildings, gives the users of the building a computer connection to all service points within the complex. This way it is possible to order shopping in the supermarket, send courier mail, check the menu in the restaurant, order a meal to your office or make an appointment for a spa treatment.

Information taken from Hochtief Development in Poland website

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